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J´haybers senaste topracket framtaget med Worl Padel Tour spelaren Agustín Gómez Silingo! 




The Dominator 12K shovel is the most TOP shovel of this release and one of Agustín Gómez Silingo's favorites. Its design with a gloss finish incorporates the technology 3D Rugged Technology, in which a 3D honeycomb-shaped roughness has been developed printed on the faces of the racquet to give a greater effect to the ball on all strokes, while providing more resistance and maximum comfort.


Thanks to the 12K Carbon High Tech  This racket has increased the robustness of its structure and resistance of the faces and has decreased its weight, achieving a more uniform and very powerful hit while giving a greater consistency to the structure.


This version incorporates Reset Point, to release stress and prepare for the next ball, after the hit.

J´hayber Dominator 12K

2 899,00 krPris
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